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This new twelve song vinyl-only album by TEEBS represents a collection of ideas from 2014-2015 that was previously spread out between his works both in the visual world and through music label Brainfeeder.  "AV - ESTR OUTTAKES/REMIXES" [HNR49]  contains music heretofore released only on cassette format in 2014, plus new songs recorded circa creation of his "ESTARA" album, and three remixes that came about organically during that time from Co.fee, Odd Nosdam & Hominidæ.  The album serves as a recap of two of TEEBS most extensive projects to date in the form of unreleased or virtually unheard music. 

A1. I'm on a beach
A2. Decades (ft. Yuk)
A3. Grxxxvs (ft. Sofie Fatoubetchi)
A4. The Yellow Cover (ft. Ages)
A5. S P C D / There's a watermelon in my pocket
A6. Sachi's Chords

B1. SOTM (sans drums)
B2. Gratitude
B3. Gratitude (Co.fee Remix)
B4. Red Curbs Loop (Hominidæ Remix)
B5. Window Chimes (Nosdam's Remix)
B6. 5 Count Finale

running time: 38 minutes


Original Record comes in black vinyl in black sleeves 

Hand painted / collaged version comes with

  • Translucent red vinyl
  • Ante Vos Casette Tape (while supplies last)
  • Teebs poster on newsprint paper
  • Limited to 100 copies

Deluxe Edition comes with

  • Translucent red vinyl
  • Painted sleeve from Ante Vos Gallery Showing c.2014
  • Hand screened Tote bag
  • Original Ante Vose casette tape
  • 2 Pins 
  • Teebs poster on Newsprint paper
  • Estara hand bound, laser cut covered zine
  • Ante Vos Flower Patch
  • Sticker
  • Limited to 20 Copies

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